Voltaire.jpgVoltaire Media is a full service media company that specializes in
Entertainment and Media Services in Los Angeles and nationwide.

Led by Christian Meoli, Voltaire’s focus is on digital marketing strategy, brand identity development, corporate design, social media, strategic marketing concepts, SEO analysis, traffic acquisition, for clients in film, theatre, music, photography and television entertainment.

Voltaire also procures and negotiates distribution and licensing in all platforms for completed films.

We create strategic media campaigns, digital media planning, community relations and brand management, online reputation management, social network marketing, social media, content
syndication, promotions, website consulting/content development
and online marketing.

Voltaire Media is led by Christian Meoli, who has been connected to the entertainment industry for 25 years, first as an actor then expanding his range to writer and producer, marketing strategist, film executive and producer representative. From lead roles in film and television to being VP Marketing at Bigfoot Entertainment to powering Arena Screen in Hollywood, Meoli has a strong track record in television and film that he continues to build on (see iMDB.)


  • Media Campaign Development
  • Distribution Strategies
  • Press Kit & Marketing Tool Development
  • Website Consult & Content Development
  • Special Event Consulting
  • Specialty Niche, Community & Industry Outreach
  • Marketing & Business Development Consulting
  • Image Enhancement Consulting
  • Media Training for Interviews
  • Influencer/ Community Outreach
  • Blog Development and Maintenance
  • Identity and Online Reputation Management
  • Partnerships and Brand Integration
  • Search Engine Marketing/Optimization (SEM/SEO)
  • Creative Development
  • Video Production and Distribution


  • Creative Strategy
  • Website Development
  • Banner Ad Campaigns


  • Voltaire finds and negotiates distribution and licensing in all platforms for completed films. A specific strategic game plan is designed for each new completed film we have been engaged to represent for the marketplace. Voltaire relies on our extensive relationships and the previous distribution expertise developed during years of being in the entertainment industry. We maintain contacts with key executives and buyers who have a shared vision toward presenting quality stories into the marketplace.


  • Blogger Outreach
  • Buzz Analysis and Reporting
  • Social Media
  • Sweepstakes/Contests
  • Content Syndication
  • Publicity & Promotions
  • Digital Media Planning & Strategy


For employment info, contact careers@voltairemedia.com